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Language Services

In accordance with the California Department of Social Services Division 21-115, Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services is committed to ensuring all DPSS customers receive effective bilingual/interpretive services. Providing language access for persons with Non-English/Limited English Proficiency (NE/LEP) is vital to DPSS’ commitment to strengthening language access, advancing equity, and providing support to underserved communities.

It is departmental policy to provide language assistance services free of charge and without undue delay for persons with NE/LEP and persons with other communication challenges.  We provide equally effective communication to ensure equitable access to all of our programs, benefits, services, and activities.  American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters are available upon request in-person or via video remote interpretive services.

Customers may also use California Connect if they have limitations hearing or speaking.  California Connect provides specially trained operators to relay telephone conversations back and forth between people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-disabled and all those who wish to communicate by telephone.  Dial 711 to reach California Connect.

Interpreter Services Statement & Confidentiality Agreement

This form is to use your own interpreter for translation purposes.

Available in the following languages:

CR 6181 Armenian | CR 6181 Cambodian | CR 6181 Chinese | CR 6181 English | CR 6181 Farsi | CR 6181 Korean | CR 6181 Russian | CR 6181 Spanish | CR 6181 Tagalog | CR 6181 Vietnamese

Language Access Plan (LAP)

The LAP shares DPSS’ established policies and procedures to ensure equitable, timely, and quality language assistance services for persons with NE/LEP across all DPSS programs.

LAP Armenian | LAP Cambodian | LAP Chinese | LAP English | LAP Farsi | LAP Korean | LAP Russian | LAP Spanish | LAP Tagalog | LAP Vietnamese