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Your Civil Rights

The Civil Rights Section of DPSS protects your Civil Rights. The Civil Rights Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are laws that protect you from discrimination when accessing public assistance programs including, cash assistance, Medi-Cal, CalFresh, In-Home Supportive Services and other social service programs in Los Angeles County.

The Civil Rights Section
Diverse group of individuals

The Civil Rights Section investigates allegations of Civil Rights discrimination filed by customers.  The Section is responsible for monitoring DPSS and contracted and sub-contracted public contact offices for compliance with California Department of Social Services (CDSS) Division 21 Regulations and ADA Title II Regulations. 

Civil Rights Act

You have the right to receive the same services, consideration, and equal treatment given to all other applicants or customers regardless of national origin (includes language), color, race, ancestry, ethnic group identification, physical or mental disability, age, sex, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, domestic partnership, medical condition, genetic information, religion, political affiliation, citizenship, immigration status, or any other applicable basis.  This includes acts of retaliation.

If you have applied for benefits or are currently receiving benefits from Los Angeles County DPSS and you feel that you have been discriminated against, you may file a Civil Rights complaint by:

  1. Completing the Complaint of Discriminatory Treatment Form;
  2. Calling the Civil Rights Discrimination Complaint Hotline at (562) 908-8501; or
  3. Asking to speak to the Civil Rights Liaison at any DPSS office or informing any DPSS staff.
Your Rights Under California Public Benefits Programs

The "Your Rights Under California Public Benefits Programs" pamphlet provides information on what Your Civil Rights are, who they protect, and how to file a complaint or State Hearing for people applying for or receiving public aid in California.

Available in the following languages:

Armenian: PUB 13 Armenian | PUB 13 Large Print Armenian

Cambodian: PUB 13 Cambodian | PUB 13 Large Print Cambodian

Chinese: PUB 13 Chinese | PUB 13 Large Print Chinese

English: PUB 13 English | PUB 13 Large Print English

Farsi: PUB 13 Farsi | PUB 13 Large Print Farsi

Korean: PUB 13 Korean | PUB 13 Large Print Korean

Russian: PUB 13 Russian | PUB 13 Large Print Russian

Spanish: PUB 13 Spanish | PUB 13 Large Print Spanish

Tagalog: PUB 13 Tagalog | PUB 13 Large Print Tagalog

Vietnamese: PUB 13 Vietnamese | PUB 13 Large Print Vietnamese

Civil Rights Information Notice

This is a Civil Rights Information Notice which provides information on what Civil Rights are, who they protect, and how to file a complaint or State Hearing.

Available in the following languages:

PA 2457 Armenian | PA 2457 Cambodian | PA 2457 Chinese | PA 2457 English |  PA 2457 Farsi | PA 2457 Korean | PA 2457 Russian | PA 2457 Spanish | PA 2457 Tagalog | PA 2457 Vietnamese | PA 2457 Large Print

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