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QR Code Security

Watch Out for Mini-Terror: The Importance of QR Code Security

Have you ever seen QR codes? They are squares with black and white blocks on them. QR codes are more and more popular and have developed into a quick and convenient way to obtain information, like a fast scan of your smart phone camera to retrieve product details, WiFi Password, and restaurant menus.  Be careful! Malicious websites that aim to steal your personal information or infect your device with malware can be accessed through QR codes.


FBI issues new warning about QR code scams

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The Invisible Web of Deceit

Cybercriminals are constantly innovating, and QR codes present a new frontier for malicious activity. Here's how they exploit these codes:

  • Phishing Attacks: A malicious QR code might redirect you to a fake website that looks identical to a legitimate one, such as your bank's login page. Once you enter your credentials, they're stolen by the attacker.
  • Malware Distribution: Scanning a compromised QR code can unknowingly download malware onto your device. This malware can steal data, track your activity, or even hold your device hostage for ransom.
  • Scamvertising: Some QR codes lead to scam websites or apps that promote fake products or services, tricking you into spending money or revealing personal details.
QR Code warning


Staying Safe and be Cautious if you use QR Codes

Protect yourself and don't let the convenience of QR codes compromise your cybersecurity. Here are some essential tips to stay safe:

  • Inspect Before You Scan: Watch out when you scan QR code you encounter. Avoid scanning QR codes in an unexpected locations or when seems suspicious
  • Verify the Source: Double- check and validate the legitimacy before scanning. Look for the official website or social media page for verification.  
  • Stay Notified of Free Offers: If a QR code promises something that seems too good to be true, be conscious! Deal with Caution when you see "freebie" offers advertised through QR codes.
  • Trust But Be Cautious: Even if a QR code appears to be from a known source, don't enter sensitive information like passwords or personal finance information like credit card details on a website.
  • Consider using a QR Code Scanner with Security Features: QR code scanner app with security features that warns you about potentially malicious links before you click on them.



QR codes can be a handy tool, but with a little caution and these security measures in place, you can traverse the digital world confidently. By staying informed and adopting safe scanning practices, you can protect your personal information and avoid falling prey to cyber scams.