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Consumer Awareness

Enhancing Consumer Knowledge and Protect Yourself!

Check the device Twice. EBT Card Skimming.

Protect your benefits from EBT theft and download the ebtEDGE app now. Click the link above for more information including:

  • How skimming devices steal your information at ATMs, convenience stores, and supermarkets.
  • Tips on how to protect your benefits.
  • What to do if your benefits are stolen.
  • Ways to protect your business and your customers.
  • Getting to know ebtEDGE (how to use it, what are the highlighted features etc.)
  • How to Report Skimming? (For instance, when customers believe that ATM machines and POS machines are rigged)


A cellphone password is phished.

Learn about protecting yourself from fraud and latest scams.


Shocked frustrated lady is holding a bank card.