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GR Housing Subsidy and Case Management Program

We provide rental assistance to adults and couples without children who are experiencing homelessness or at-risk of homelessness who are receiving a General Relief (GR) grant. Review our program below for more information and eligibility requirements.

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Rental Subsidy

We can help you with a rental subsidy of up to $475 per month for one person and up to $950 for a couple. You are required to contribute $100 from your monthly GR grant toward your rent. The $475 subsidy plus the $100 deduction from your GR grant; a total of $575, will be paid directly to the landlord and/or property manager once housing is approved.

Your participation in the rental subsidy program is voluntary and is limited to three times in a life-time for any person. You must continue to be eligible for GR to remain in the program.  

Basic Eligibility Requirements

If you're an adult or couple without children and homeless, or about to lose your housing, the General Relief Housing Subsidy and Case Management Program can help. The program can provide you with a rental subsidy, move-in assistance, and access to supportive services. You can be a: Transition Age Youth (TAY) between the ages of 18-24 years old, or unable to work due to a disability and applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Veterans Benefits (VB), or Employable and enrolled in the General Relief Opportunities for Work (GROW), preparing to find employment.  

To participate in this program, you must tell us that you’re experiencing homelessness and:

  • You do not have a permanent, fixed, and regular nighttime home;
  • Share a home with family or friends on a temporary basis;
  • You are temporarily staying in either a publicly or privately-operated and supervised shelter;
  • You are staying in a public or private place not made for, or ordinarily used as, a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings; or
  • You are at risk of being evicted and meet the following requirements to prevent the eviction:
    • Provide verification (notice of eviction or three-day notice to pay or quit);
    • Agree to the $100 deduction from your approved GR grant for one person; $200 deduction for a couple; and
    • The landlord agrees not to evict you, if the housing subsidy is approved.
Move-In Assistance

The once-in-a-lifetime Move-In Assistance payment can help you with up to $500 to pay for move-in costs and may be used for:

·       Security deposits

·       Utility deposits/turn on fees

·       Moving cost (including truck rental)

·       Overdue storage facility fees

·       Refrigerator and/or stove (if the rental lacks the appliance)

·       Any other required costs (e.g. key deposits)

How to Apply

If you’re experiencing homelessness, you may be referred to the General Relief Housing Subsidy and Case Management Program by a Eligibility Worker, GROW Case Manager, or SSI Advocate.  You may also walk-in to see a GR Homeless Case Manager at any of our 14 GR District Offices. If the case manager is not available, DPSS can schedule an appointment for you. Below are the forms you and/or your potential landlord will need to complete to participate in the program.