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How to Request a State Hearing

How to Request a State Hearing

If you are not satisfied with the County’s action or inaction on your case, you or your Authorized Representative can request a State Hearing as follows:

  • Online at  Click “Create an account” to have an ACMS account and get documents online; or click “Submit Appeal without Account” to file without an account OR
  • Call toll free (800) 743-8525 (or TDD (800) 952-8349) OR
  • Fax fill out this page/fax to (833) 281-0905 OR
  • Fill out the back of your Notice of Action (NA Back 9 form), and deliver it by one of the following:

     -       In-person:  Appeals and State Hearings Section                                         3833 S. Vermont Ave. 4th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90037

    -        Mail to:  CDSS State Hearings Division                                                       PO Box 944243, MS 21-37  Sacramento, CA 94244-2430

    -        Email to:

What Happens Once I Submit My Hearing Request?

Once the California Department of Social Services’ State Hearings Division receives your State hearing request, you will receive confirmation.  You will also receive a notice from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services’ Appeals and State Hearings Section informing you who your assigned Appeals Hearing Specialist will be.  This worker will review the action/inaction taken by DPSS.  Their telephone number will be on the notice.  The Appeals and State Hearings Section's telephone number is 323-730-6566.


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Aid Paid Pending

The County must send you a Notice of Action 10 days before any action is to take place on your case that will reduce or stop your benefits.  The notice must explain clearly the reasons for the action and must list the regulations that support the action.  If you disagree and request your State hearing prior to the date the action takes effect, under most circumstances, your aid will continue at the level prior to the action until the State hearing.  This is called Aid Paid Pending.  There are instances where you will not qualify to receive Aid Paid Pending, such as the end of the CalFresh certification period.