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Customer Service

As new or existing customers, you may receive services over the phone by calling our Customer Service Center. The Customer Service Center is a telephone call center operation staffed by knowledgeable Eligibility Workers (EW) to help you apply for benefits, answer questions about your case, and help address case issues. The Customer Service Center serves customers receiving benefits through: CalWORKs, CalFresh, Medi-Cal, and General Relief.

Closed Captioning (subtitles) in multiple languages, can be enabled by using the CC icon. Select your preferred language using the GEAR icon.

Customer Service Center Telephone Numbers

Local numbers 

(626) 569-1399

(310) 258-7400

(818) 701-8200

Toll Free

(866) 613-3777

Three highlighted keyboard images with icons of a wheelchair, an ear and walking figure with a white cane.
Services Available

Our Customer Service Center’s goal is to provide you with an excellent customer experience and good service delivery.

Lady in red sweater assisting customer over the phone