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Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA)

The Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) Program provides temporary assistance and employment-focused services through the Refugee Employment Program to individuals who are not eligible for other welfare assistance. Included with the RCA financial assistance provided to help pay for housing and other necessary expenses is a monthly CalFresh benefit and Medi-Cal benefits.

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RCA Eligibility Requirements and Resources
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RCA is an 12-month time-limited cash program. You may be eligible to RCA if you:

  • Are a refugee or asylee;
  • Have been in the United States within the 12 months after your arrival; or
  • Are within the 12 months after your asylum has been granted.


When applying for RCA, your household must include either a:

  • Single adult(s) who does not have children;
  • Married couple who does not have children; or
  • Family with a child(ren). 


REP is a job service for you as a refugee customer. If you are not exempt, you must participate in REP.  REP can help you:

  • Find a job;
  • Stay employed;
  • Move on to high paying jobs; and
  • Help you get off RCA.

Requirements and resources for the RCA program are similar to the CalWORKs Program and can be viewed online at "Basic Eligibility Requirements" and "CalWORKs Program Resources" below. 

Apply On-Line with BenefitsCal

The easiest and quickest way is to apply for CalWORKs online at BenefitsCal.

Apply by Telephone for CalFresh and Medi-Cal
You can apply by phone. Call the Customer Service Center (CSC) (866) 613-3777 to have an application mailed to you.

Apply In Person
You can apply In person at any Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) District Office or outreach site.