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IHSS Providers and How to Be a Provider

Provider Eligibility and Orientation Information

Are You Thinking About Being an IHSS Provider?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a provider in the IHSS program. Due to the temporary closure of all DPSS customer service offices to the public, the provider enrollment process may be completed by watching a video online and returning the required forms by mail.

The online orientation will temporarily replace the on-site in-person provider orientation session normally held at one of the DPSS offices.

To begin the provider enrollment process you will need to:

  • Contact the IHSS Helpline at (888) 822-9622 to request an online orientation and Provider Enrollment Packet;
  • Watch an online orientation video;
  • Fill out and return the required forms included in your Provider Enrollment Packet;
  • Get a fingerprint background check

Additional informational materials are also available online at:

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Paid Sick Leave for Provi­ders

As of July 1, 2018, you can earn paid sick leave if you’re an active provider who works for an IHSS/WPCS recipient.  To earn sick leave, you must complete a one-time, two-part requirement to earn and use paid sick leave:

  1. Work 100 hours for an IHSS recipient to earn paid  sick leave hours; and
  2. Wait 60 days or work an additional 200 hours,  whichever comes first, before using paid sick leave hours.

If you would like to claim sick leave hours, you may register with the ESP website:

For more information on Paid Sick Leave for Providers, visit the CDSS website at: