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LA County Celebrates in June Refugee Awareness Month and Immigrant Heritage Month

The Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) and the Refugee Forum of Los Angeles celebrate June as Refugee Awareness Month to showcase how refugees enhance L.A. County’s culture.  At their June 8 public meeting, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors proclaimed June as Refugee Awareness Month to encourage residents to embrace the many skills, talents, faiths, and values that refugees bring both culturally and economically.

DPSS and its dedicated community partners provide resettlement and other supportive services to refugees.  They work together to empower refugees to make successful transitions toward independence and self-sufficiency.  The department offers employment training and temporary Refugee Cash Assistance to help pay for housing and other necessary expenses.

In the past five years, 4,013 refugees from over 30 countries have settled in L.A. County, according to the California Department of Social Services Refugee Programs Bureau.  Refugees are often forced to flee their home countries due to religious and political persecution, war, and civil unrest.

To amplify this year’s message that refugees are welcome in L.A. County, DPSS is partnering with the County’s Office of Immigrant Affairs to celebrate Immigration Heritage Month to highlight how immigrants have helped make this country better.  Home to more than 10 million residents, with 140 cultures, and as many as 224 languages, L.A. County is one of eight California counties with the largest population of refugees. 

DPSS will also partner with the World Refugee Forum of Los Angeles and local agencies for a virtual event to celebrate World Refugee Day on June 18.  Refugees will share their success stories, ethnic food recipes, a cooking demonstration and participate in a forum to discuss challenges they face living in California.  Please visit the Refugee Forum of Los Angeles Eventbrite page to learn more and to pre-register at

DPSS is grateful to its community partner organizations, including Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Services, International Institute of Los Angeles, International Rescue Committee, Jobs Vision Success SoCal, and the Refugee Forum of Los Angeles. 

For more information about refugee services offered by DPSS, please visit the
Refugee Services page on the DPSS website.