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Mental Health

Do you have:

Feelings, fears or worries that stop you from doing things?

  •     Problems getting along with others?
  •     Thoughts of badly hurting yourself or others?
  •     Real emotional issues that continue to bother or upset you?

If you have feelings like this, you may be having a mental health issue.

We can help!

There are many services to help you with how you feel.

They include:

  •     Clinical assessments and mental/emotional health services
  •     Help when you are very upset that causes you not to be able to work
  •     On-the-job support services 
  •     Medication help
  •     Rehabilitation help
  •     Assistance in getting the right benefits and aid, such as SSI or     Medicare

Just ask your CalWORKs Eligibility or GAIN Services Worker to refer you!

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Need help but you are not on CalWORKs?

You may call:

    The Mental Health Access Line
    365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Hotline Numbers

Hotline Numbers:

Complaint (562) 908-8501