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Did you know that if you have a case with Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and are receiving CalWORKs, we may be able to help you?

There is a partnership between DCFS and DPSS known as Linkages that can help you get the services you need to keep or get your child(ren) back.  Linkages offers three programs.  If you are receiving CalWORKs benefits and you are participating in Family Maintenance, Family Preservation, or Family Reunification Programs through DCFS, let your Eligibility or GAIN Worker know. Some of the services can be included in your Welfare-to-Work Plan.

Family Maintenance & Family Preservation

With Family Maintenance and Family Preservation programs, you still have your child(ren) but you are working with your DCFS worker to ensure your child's health and safety needs are being met. There is a six-month time limit for Family Maintenance and a 12-month limit for Family Preservation services.

Your DCFS case worker will refer you to your DPSS GAIN worker if you are eligible for Family Maintenance or Family Preservation.  Through GAIN you may be offered services that can be counted in your Welfare-to-Work Plan.  They may include:

  •     Mental Health
  •     Domestic Violence
  •     Substance Use Disorder
  •     Education and Training
  •     Employment
  •     Transportation without duplication
  •     Child Care
  •     Ancillary Expenses such as books, tools, uniforms, and fees
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Family Reunification

Family Reunification is when your child(ren) have been removed by DCFS from your home.  If your CalWORKs case was discontinued because your child(ren) were removed, you can still get services from DPSS that may help you get them back.

You may be eligible for Family Reunification services when:

  •     All children are removed from the home and placed in out of home     care
  •     Family was receiving CalWORKs when children were removed from     the home
  •     A DCFS Family Reunification Plan exists
  •     You volunteer to receive Family Reunification services


Services may include:

  •     Mental Health Services
  •     Domestic Violence Services
  •     Substance Use Disorder Services
  •     Family Reunification Housing Support Services
  •     Family Reunification Moving Assistance Services
  •     Family Reunification Temporary Homeless Assistance
  •     Transportation without duplication
  •     Education and Training services
  •     Employment Services


You can apply for General Relief if you need financial assistance and choose to receive your Family Reunification services through GAIN.  

Family Reunification services are limited to six months with the possibility of an extension to one year if you meet the program requirements.   

Hotline Numbers

Hotline Numbers:

  • To Report Child Abuse: 

Child Protection Hotline (800) 540-4000 or 911

Complaint (562) 908-8501









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