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CalFresh Applications and Forms

Please download and complete the following CalFresh program forms for your specific needs:

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Did you know? You can submit all the forms below electronically through BenefitsCal? Visit for more information!

CF 285 -  Application for CalFresh  Benefits - Downloadable Forms

This is the general CalFresh application form. Please complete and submit to your local DPSS office in-person or by mail. 

CF 285 English (Large Print EN)  CF 285 Spanish (Large Print SP)  CF 285 Russian (Large Print RU)  CF 285 Korean (Large Print KR)   CF 285 Armenian (Large Print AR)   CF 285 Chinese (Large Print CN)  CF 285 Farsi (Large Print FA)   CF 285 Tagalog (Large Print not available)   CF 285 Cambodian (Large Print KM)    CF 285 Vietnamese (Large Print VI)

CF 37, Recertification/Renewal for CalFresh Benefits application

This form is to be completed when your household needs to renew your CalFresh benefits.

CF 37 English   CF 37 Spanish   CF 37 Russian   CF 37 Korean    CF 37 Armenian    CF 37 Chinese   CF 37 Farsi    CF 37 Tagalog   CF 37 Cambodian    CF 37 Vietnamese

CF 485, CalFresh Elderly Simplified Application

Only use the following application if everyone in the household is:

  • At least 60 or older and/or disabled.
  • Not getting any income from work.
  • Purchasing and preparing food together.

Please note that the CF 485 is only available in the following languages at this time:

CF 485 English   CF 485 Spanish   CF 485 Armenian    CF 485 Chinese    CF 385 Vietnamese

CF 303, Replacement or Disaster Supplement Affidavit Form

CF 303 English   CF 303 Spanish   CF 303 Russian   CF 303 Korean    CF 303 Armenian    CF 303 Chinese   CF 303 Farsi    CF 303 Tagalog   CF 303 Cambodian    CF 303 Vietnamese

Disaster CalFresh

CF 385, CalFresh Disaster application - emergency use only!!!!!

CF 385 English   CF 385 Spanish   CF 385 Russian   CF 385 Korean    CF 385 Armenian    CF 385 Chinese   CF 385 Farsi    CF 385 Tagalog   CF 385 Cambodian    CF 385 Vietnamese

Apply On-Line with BenefitsCal

The easiest and quickest way to apply for CalFresh is online at BenefitsCal.

Apply By Phone
You can apply by phone. Call the Customer Service Center (CSC) (866) 613-3777 to have an application mailed to you.

Apply In Person
You can apply In person at any Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) District Office or outreach site.