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Research Requests for the Department’s Participation

Research Requests for the Department’s Participation

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Research Request

If you are from another County department, consulting firm, university or research organization requesting for DPSS to participate in a research project, please submit your requests with the following elements:

Cover letter:

  • Identification of the principal research investigator;
  • Institutional affiliation;
  • Brief summary of project; and
  • Explanation how DPSS will benefit from participating.

Proposal document needs to include the following:

  • Objective of the research project;
  • Funding source(s);
  • Method (subject, study design procedures, and measures);
  • Applied for Institutional Review Board Approval? (yes/no);
  • Received Institutional Review Board Approval? (yes/no);
  • Estimated demand on staff time and resources; and
  • Expected project time line from start to finish, including milestones.


Student Research

If you are a student, these are the limitations of your requests:

  • You will not be given DPSS administrative data other than what is already available in published reports;
  • You will not have access to our department’s customers;
  • You will not be given access to personal identifiers for DPSS employees; and
  • You may be given access to employees to participate in anonymous survey or interview.


Requests for Research

Submit your research requests by emailing your proposal to: or in writing to: 

Division Chief
Research, Evaluation and Quality Assurance Division
Administrative Headquarters
12860 Crossroads Parkway South
City of Industry, CA 91746.