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Research Requests for the Department’s Participation

Research Requests for the Department’s Participation

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Research Requests

Requests for DPSS to participate in a research project, must be submitted with a:

Cover letter

  • Introducing the principal investigator and institutional affiliation;
  • A brief summary of the project; and an
  • Explanation of how DPSS will benefit from participating.                                           

Proposal that includes the following:

  • Objective of the research project;
  • Funding source(s);
  • Method (subject, study design, procedures, and measures);
  • Applied for Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval? (yes/no);
  • Received IRB approval? (yes/no);

   Note:  If IRB approval has been received, attach verification.

  • Estimated demand on staff time and resources; and
  • Expected project timeline from start to finish, including milestones.
Student Research

If you are a student, these are the limitations to your request:

  • You will not be given access to DPSS administrative data other than what is already available in published reports;
  • You will not be given access to DPSS' customers; and
  • You will not be given access to personal identifiers for DPSS employees.

You may have access to conduct surveys or interviews with DPSS employees, if the request is approved.

Requests for Research

Submit requests via email at or in writing to: 

Division Chief
Research, Evaluation and Quality Assurance Division
Administrative Headquarters
12860 Crossroads Parkway South
City of Industry, CA 91746