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No More QR 7-LA!

Elimination of General Relief Quarterly Reporting (QR 7-LA)

GR participants are required to report income and household changes. For individuals who receive GR and CalFresh benefits, the information reported on the Semi Annual Report (SAR 7), Eligibility Status Report, will be used to determine ongoing GR eligibility.

All changes that affect eligibility must be reported within five (5) calendar days of the occurrence. Examples of changes that must be reported include:

• Any Income over $25

• Property

• Change of Address

• Citizenship Status

• Household Composition

• Sponsorship

• Parole/probation status

• Criminal offense

Avoid overpayments, report your changes timely. If you fail to report any change that impacts your eligibility, you may be subject to overpayments. Changes can be reported by calling the Customer Service Center at 866-613-3777 or by using our online services through YBN at