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Employer FAQs

Who is the job seeker or candidate?
The job seeker is an individual who participates in DPSS Welfare-to-Work employment services programs.

What benefit is it to my company to hire a Welfare-to-Work participant? 
One benefit is that we will provide you with pre-screened and qualified individuals based on your specific needs. This may eliminate the cost of advertising your job openings, as well as the time you spend on interviewing random applicants. Another benefit is that there are generous tax incentives such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and the Welfare-to Work Tax Credit. These tax credits will provide your company with as much as $9,600 per employee and no limit to the number of employees your company may hire.

What guarantees do I have that a participant will come to work and stay employed? 
You have the same guarantee that you would have with any individual from the public. However, the added advantage of a DPSS referred/identified candidate is that this individual has a built in support system from his/her Case Manager, and other resources and services.

What are the requirements to receive a work tax credit?

For detailed information on tax credits requirements, please visit the tax credit page.

Does the program provide drug testing or background checks before making referrals? 
DPSS does not conduct drug testing of applicants for our services. However, some of our programs do pay for drug testing and background checks if required for employment.

How can I have my available jobs posted?
Submit Your Jobs Now. Or contact one of our Business Services Specialists who will be happy to take a job order for you.