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The TAYportunity Program

Level up and be a part of the TAYportunity Program!
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TAYportunity is a special employment program for GROW transition aged youth (TAY), ages 18-24, who are looking for work in 2021! The purpose of TAYportunity is to help you explore new career opportunities in the areas of employment, apprenticeship training or entrepreneurship!

Employment – We have opportunities for you to earn money while learning and gaining meaningful work experience to level up your resume! These work experience opportunities have the potential to get you hired permanently in various County departments and private employers in the following fields:  

  • Clerical
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Construction
  • General Office
  • LAX Airport
  • Warehouse
  • Public Works
  • Retail
  • Many more!

Apprenticeships – Do you want to be an apprentice? We have training opportunities that will provide you with high skilled training in the areas of aerospace, bioscience, construction, and manufacturing. You will have a mentor to guide you through on-the-job learning to gain new skills and level up your work experience to help you secure full-time employment.

Entrepreneurship – We know a 9-5 is not for everyone and you may have your own business idea. You will be partnered up with our TAYportunity partners, StreetCraft CulturalXCreative, to participate in a 9-month in-person/virtual training program. The program is designed to help you explore potential business ideas/products and/or develop skills for in demand entrepreneurial pathways. You will learn how to market your creative endeavors, create your own business plan, and obtain the necessary licenses/certifications to run your own business. Level up and join the TAYportunity Program to harness your destined pathway!

Orientation sessions are happening every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. We recommend that you join 15 minutes before the start time of your session. 

Join the TAYportunity orientation.

For more information click on the flyer below.

Download the TAYportunity Flyer PDF.