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Post Employment Services

Post-Employment Services may help you find a better paying job while you continue receiving CalWORKs benefits. You can also continue to participate in a Welfare-to-Work activity if your work hours are reduced so you can meet the required participation hours to keep your benefits.

The goal of Post-Employment Services is to provide you with information, resources, and tools to help you keep a job, improve your career potential and achieve a living wage before your time on CalWORKs is exhausted.

Eligible Services

Post-Employment Services include transportation, child care, funds to pay for fees and other expenses for any activities happening at the same time while you participate in GAIN to help meet the minimum requirement if your work hours are reduced. Post-Employment Services also include Specialized Supportive Services that offer services with Mental Health, Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse. Post-Employment Services are available for up to 3 months after you are no longer receiving CalWORKs when you are employed and in an activity at the same time.