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Teen Services

The Minor Consent program provides eligible minors temporary confidential Medi-Cal benefits without parental consent for services outlined below.

Services Covered Under Minor Consent
  • Drug and alcohol abuse,
  • Family planning,
  • Outpatient mental health treatment and counseling, 
  • Pregnancy/pregnancy related services,
  • Sexual assault, and
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.
Basic Eligibility Requirements
  • You must reside in California 
  • Are under age 21, 
  • Live with your parent(s)/caretaker, or 
  • Live temporarily away from home (i.e. attending school) but your parent(s) or caretaker are legally and financially responsible for you. 

You can apply even if you already have Medi-Cal on your parent(s)  or caretaker(s) case.

Income Requirements

Your monthly income must not be more than 100% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Income Chart.  You do not need to provide your parent’s/caretaker’s income and property information.

Income Limit for Minor Consent Services
100% FPL Income Limit
Citizenship/Immigration Requirements
  • You do not need to declare your immigration status.
  • You do not need to give your Social Security number.
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Apply In Person
Applying for Minor Consent Services During the COVID 19 Public Health Crisis
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