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Long Term Care

Long-Term Care Medi-Cal pays for care received in a hospital or nursing facility which lasts or is expected to last at least one full calendar month after the month of admission. If you reside in a nursing home (also known as long-term care facility) or need nursing home care, Medi-Cal could pay for all or part of the care and services you receive.

Covered Services
  • Nursing Home and Convalescent Care
  • Comprehensive Preventive Care
  • Primary and Specialty Care
  • Office Visits
  • Vision and Dental Care
  • Mental Health Services
  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription Medicines


Basic Eligibility Requirements
  • You must reside in California.
  • You must provide verification of income, property/resources, and other necessary information if requested.
  • Your countable property/resources must not exceed:
    • $2,000 for an individual, or
    • For married persons or Registered Domestic Partners,
      special rules may apply that allow the spouse/partner at
      home to keep additional property that belongs to the person
      in Long-Term Care.

Additional information on Property limitations.

  • You must be receiving or expected to receive care for at least 30 days after the month of admission in a:
    • Hospital
    • Skilled Nursing Facility
    • Intermediate Care Facility (ICF)
    • Convalescent Home
Income Requirements

Single Person:  

There is no income limit, but most of your income will be used to pay the nursing facility where you reside.

Married Persons or Registered Domestic Partners:

Special rules may apply that allow the spouse/partner at home to keep additional income that belongs to the person in Long-Term Care

Estate Recovery

Estate Recovery applies to individuals who receive Long-Term Care

Click Estate Recovery Program for more information.

Citizenship/Immigration Requirements
  •  If you have Satisfactory Immigration Status, you may be eligible to Full-Scope Benefits.
  • If you do not have Satisfactory Immigration Status, you may be eligible to Restricted-Scope Benefits.
Renewal Requirements

Your Medi-Cal eligibility must be reviewed at least once a year.  

Apply On-Line with Your Benefits Now

The easiest and quickest way is to apply for CalWORKs online at Your Benefits Now.

Apply By Phone
You can apply by phone. Call the Customer Service Center (CSC) (866) 613-3777 to have an application mailed to you.

Apply In Person
You can apply In person at any Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) District Office or outreach site.

Applicants for Long-Term Care must answer “Yes” to the question “Do you need help with long-term care or home and community-based services?” on the application.  

If you are residing in a Nursing Facility: Applications are available at most Nursing Homes throughout  Los Angeles County.

Frequently Asked Questions
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