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Closeup of an empty conference room before meeting.
Commission Responsibilities
  • Consulting with and advising the Director of Public Social Services and the County Board of Supervisors on all matters relating to the provision of Public Social Services.
  • Conducting studies, public hearings and reviewing proposed federal, State, and local legislation and regulations.
  • Making recommendations to promote effective, efficient and cost-effective delivery of departmental services.


Commission Members

1st Supervisorial District

  • Adele Andrade-Stadler (Vice-Chair)
  • Michael Flood
  • Raùl Estrada

2nd Supervisorial District

  • Egerton Forster
  • Vacant
  • Booker Pearson (Chair)

3rd Supervisorial District

  • Mary Galvan Rosas
  • Lori C. Stein
  • Yvonne Chan, Ed.D.

4th Supervisorial District

  • Vacant
  • Sue ElHessen, Ed.D.
  • Veronica Lewis

5th Supervisorial District

  • Michael Bloom
  • Joe Brown
  • Frank G. De Balogh, Ph.D.
Commitees of the Commission

The Commission for Public Social Services has established the following committees:

Ad-Hoc Committee on Bylaws

The goal of the Committee, established in the April 14, 2011 Commission meeting, is to review the bylaws and recommend any needed revisions.

Committee Chair: Commissioner Booker Pearson


Committee on Performance Awards

The goal of the Committee on Performance Awards is to recognize meritorious individuals and organizations that have made a significant contribution to the provision of public social services to the citizens of the County of Los Angeles. The Committee recognizes such individuals and organizations at its Annual Commission Awards Ceremony and on other occasions, as appropriate. The Committee meets on an "as needed basis."

Committee Chair: Commissioner Adele Andrade-Stadler

Commission Bulletin Board
Board of Supervisors and Appointed Commissioners
Chart of photos of appointed Los Angeles County Commissioners and Board of Supervisors

Executive Director
La France Toliver

Commission Secretary
Tina Phan

Contact Us

Email questions or comments about the Commission for Public Social Services to: