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Can I sign up for an account?
Portal accounts are currently restricted to DPSS employees and contract staff hired to work for DPSS. If you are a DPSS employee, you can sign up for an account without any help. If you are a contractor with a Windows network account, you may be able to establish an account without help too. If you are a county employee or contractor and can't use the sign up page, you can request help from the webmaster here.

I am a DPSS employee. Why does it say that I can't be verified?
The portal makes use of a DPSS employee database to verify your status as a DPSS employee. Please recheck the information you are providing to be verified. If you are sure that you are entering the correct information, it may be that county systems have incorrect data. You may want to check with your timekeeper and correct your information as necessary. If you still need help you can contact the webmaster here.

Why should I provide a non-county e-mail address?
The portal is available on the internet, even from home. If you forget your password, you may not be able to access your county e-mail. If you have a Notes account you should automatically receive a copy of your password there too.

Why isn't my e-mail address accepted?
The system checks to see if your e-mail address follows internet standards. Some e-mail systems allow non-standard addressing schemes which will be rejected. If you know your e-mail address is correct, but can't get it in, you may send a note to the webmaster from here. Please note that your Notes e-mail id is not a valid internet format.

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