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Notice to Recipients and Providers Affected by Recent Wildfires

Notice to Recipients

IHSS recipients can continue to receive services when they are evacuated, and their providers may continue to provide the necessary authorized IHSS services at the location in which their recipient is temporarily residing.  

Los Angeles County will expedite IHSS assessments and evaluate a recipient’s need for IHSS due to a change in circumstances, including changes caused by a natural disaster.  

For questions, please contact the IHSS Helpline at (888) 822-9622. 


Notice to Providers

Due to the emergency, a temporary process has been established to assist any provider who may have a warrant lost or damaged in the fire.  

Los Angeles County will expedite and reissue a lost or damaged warrant for providers who are displaced as a result of the large fires.  

If you are a provider in a fire zone or have been affected, please contact the IHSS Helpline at (888) 822-9622 to provide your new mailing address so that the warrant will be mailed to your current location.