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Frequently asked Questions


How can my child join Toy Loan?

You simply fill out a registration card with name and address.  No ID is required.


What are Honor Awards?

A child can receive an Honor Award, which is a new toy, by taking good care of the toy they borrowed and bringing the toy back on time.  They need 20 good marks to receive an honor toy.  This is the incentive to take good care of their borrowed toy and return it.


Does Toy Loan need help?

If you know of a child who would enjoy being a member of the Toy Loan Program, please contact the Toy Loan Headquarters for the address and telephone number of nearest center or click this link Toy Loan Centers.
For those groups who are in the process of selecting a service project, and would like to consider either sponsoring a Toy Loan Center or helping the program in other ways, we at Toy Loan Headquarters would be happy to make arrangements to speak to your group at your convenience.


Where do the toys come from?

Individual donations help the Toy Loan Program extend its varied services. Your participation in the program will benefit a child and the community! The Toy Loan Advisory Board is a nonprofit organization, thereby all donations are tax deductible.
Each year, citizens donate thousands of repairable, discarded toys to Toy Loan. Crews repair and assemble items from parts of other toys. The finished product looks as good as new. After toys are repaired, assembled and painted, they are recycled into the various toy lending centers. Many manufacturers and companies also donate toys to Toy Loan. Annual donation drives are conducted throughout the County by schools and other organizations.


Who sponsors Toy Loan Centers?

Each center is sponsored by a local club, service organization, PTA, etc. The sponsor provides the staff to operate the Toy Loan Center, and the person who loans the toys is referred to as Toyrarian. In many centers, other activities of interest to children are conducted.


What does the child learn from this program?

The child learns about responsibility and cooperation.


What if the toy is broken or lost?

If the toy is broken or lost, it will take longer to receive his/her "incentive" toy.


What is an "incentive toy"?

The child is rewarded with a new “incentive toy” to keep and take home with them after participation in the program for 5, 10, and 20 weeks.

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