SSI Noncompliance

Each individual's participation is tracked throughout the Supplemental Security Income and Medi-Cal Advocacy Program (SSIMAP) process. Mentally disabled individuals who do not comply with an SSI-related requirement are not terminated. Special efforts are made with this population to secure their cooperation; their aid is terminated only when there is a loss of contact and their whereabouts are unknown.

Physically disabled participants who do not comply with any required Supplemental Security Income (SSI)-related activity will be scheduled for a pre-termination hearing. If they attend the hearing and agree to cooperate, their aid will be resumed. Otherwise, their aid is terminated.

Key Points

  • Once non-compliance is detected on the electronic case record, the system will automatically initiate non-compliance actions, send a Notice of Action, and schedule a pre-termination hearing with the General Relief (GR) Eligibility Worker (EW).
  • The SSIMAP Advocate is responsible only for the resolution of SSI-related non-compliance issues.
  • When the participant appears for the hearing (or contacts the GR EW or SSIMAP Advocate by the third Thursday following suspension of aid) and agrees to cooperate, the non-compliance is resolved.
  • The electronic case record is updated and the participant is returned to the SSIMAP process.
  • If the participant fails to attend the hearing and does not contact the GR EW or SSIMAP Advocate by the third Thursday following suspension, the non-compliance remains unresolved and the GR aid will be terminated.

SSIMAP Advocate Duties

  • At the pre-termination hearing or upon contact from the participant, secures the participant's cooperation to resume participation in the SSIMAP process.
  • Records all participant contact and SSIMAP case activity on the electronic case record.
  • Updates the electronic case record with new or changed information and documents all actions taken.


Upon completion of the non-compliance process, the outcomes should be:

  • The participant's GR termination is rescinded and he/she has resumed participation in the SSIMAP process; or
  • The noncompliance issue could not be resolved and GR aid remains terminated.
  • The participant left the office knowing the SSIMAP Advocate's name, file number, and telephone number.
  • The electronic case record was updated with all actions taken related to SSIMAP.

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