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SSI Advocacy Referrals

This is the first step in the Supplemental Security Income and Medi-Cal Advocacy Program (SSIMAP) process. General Relief (GR) applicants/participants referred for SSIMAP are those who have been assessed by medical/mental health professionals as being potentially eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) based on their disabilities.

Key Points

  • As part of the GR application process, an applicant's employability (or ability to work) is determined. If the applicant states he/she is physically/mentally unable to work, he/she is referred to his/her primary care physician or mental health professional for further evaluation.

    As part of the screening for employability, the medical/mental health professional assesses the applicant’s physical/mental health and its impact on the applicant’s ability to gain employment.
    • If the assessment is for a physical health disability (Unemployable), the medical provider makes this evaluation on the ABP 1676-1, Physical Health Assessment for General Relief.
    • If the assessment is for a mental health disability (Needs Special Assistance - NSA), the mental health professional makes this evaluation on the ABP 2012, Referral for Mental Health Services.

Following the employability assessment, the applicant returns to the district office for a second intake appointment.  During the appointment, the applicant's GR eligibility is determined.

When the Eligibility Worker (EW) will update’s the applicant’s electronic case with the outcome of the employability assessment, the applicant will be scheduled an appointment to SSIMAP if they meet the automatic referral criteria. If the applicant wishes to be referred to SSIMAP before an appointment has been scheduled, the GR Eligibility Worker immediately will refer the applicant to SSIMAP on the same day.

  • Applicants/participants who fail to appear for the first scheduled SSIMAP appointment will automatically be scheduled a second appointment.
  • When applicants fail to appear for all appointments with the SSIMAP Advocate:
    • Physical health disabled applicants/participants (unemployables) will automatically be declared in non-compliance and will be scheduled a pre-termination hearing with a GR EW.
    • Mental health disabled applicants/participants (NSAs) will automatically be scheduled an appointment with a GR EW in an attempt to contact the applicant before terminating the case for “Whereabouts Unknown”.
    • Should the applicant/participant appear for the pre-termination hearing or the GR EW interview, he/she is referred the same day to SSIMAP to complete the initial interview as a condition of having his/her GR denial/termination rescinded.

SSIMAP Advocate Duties

Upon initial contact with the applicant/participant, the SSIMAP Advocates will:

  • Encourage him/her to attend the initial interview;
  • Briefly explain the SSI application process and how it can help him/her improve his/her standard of living;
  • Formally screen the applicant/participant for potential SSI eligibility;
  • Inform the applicant/participant that he/she is/is not ready to submit an SSI application and the reasons why;
  • Assist the applicant/participant with completing the SSI application;
  • Request any medical documentation to substantiate the claimed disability; and
  • Record the outcome of the initial contact on the electronic case record.


Upon the completion of the initial contact, the applicant/participant will:

  • Have been screened by the SSIMAP Advocate for potential SSI eligibility; or
  • Be given a new SSIMAP appointment if he/she is unable to attend the same-day appointment.


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