Who May Be Eligible for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) in Los Angeles County?

To qualify for IHSS you must:

  • Be 65 years old or older, blind, and/or a disabled as defined by Social Security Administration standards.

  • Be a citizen of the United States or a qualified alien.

  • Be a resident of Los Angeles County.

  • Live in your own home. Your own home is any place you choose to live (hospitals, nursing homes, and licensed community care facilities are not considered "own home").

  • Either:

    • Receive or be eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income/State Supplemental Payments (SSI/SSP), OR

    • Meet all SSI/SSP eligibility criteria except for income or citizenship/immigration status


What Are Other Eligibility Criteria to Qualify for IHSS?

  • Income: If your income is above the SSI/SSP limits, you may be required to pay for a portion of your IHSS benefits. This is called a "Share of Cost".

  • Personal property may not exceed $2,000 for an individual or $3,000 for a couple.

  • Property that is not counted in determining your eligibility includes the home you own and live in, one automobile needed for transportation to medical appointments or work, and all life insurance policies if the combined face value is not more than $1,500.

  • Property that is counted includes cash on hand, checking and savings accounts, the value of stocks, bonds, trust deeds, real property other than the home you own and live in, additional automobiles and recreational vehicles, and promissory notes and loans.

  • Certification - You must obtain must obtain a health care certification from a licensed health care professional indicating that you are unable to independently perform some activity of daily living and without IHSS, would be at risk for placement in out-of-home care.

How Does the Program Work?

Applications for IHSS can be made by calling:
1 (888) 944-IHSS [4477] or 1 (213) 744-IHSS [4477]

If you currently receive SSI/SSP payments from the Social Security Administration, a county Social Worker will interview you at your home to determine your eligibility and need for IHSS.

If you do not currently receive SSI/SSP, you must first be determined eligible to Medi-Cal under Medi-Cal rules and regulations. Your application will automatically go to a Medi-Cal Eligibility Worker for this determination. Once you are determined eligible to Medi-Cal, a Social Worker will visit your home to determine your eligibility and need for IHSS.

Based on your ability to safely perform certain tasks for yourself, the Social Worker will assess the types of IHSS services you need and authorize an amount of time for each one. The assessment of need includes information given by you and, if appropriate, by your family, friends, physician or other health care practitioner.

You will be notified if IHSS has been approved or denied. If denied, you will be notified of the reason for denial. If approved, you will be notified of the services and how many hours per month have been authorized for you.

If approved for IHSS, you must hire someone (your IHSS provider) to perform the authorized services. You, the IHSS consumer, are considered your provider's employer. It is your responsibility to hire, train, supervise, and if necessary, fire this individual.

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