Provider Eligibility and Orientation Information

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Provider Eligibility and Orientation Information

Provider Eligibility and Orientation

What enrollment requirements must IHSS providers complete?

All individuals who want to become an eligible IHSS provider are required to complete ALL of the following:

  1. Attend an on-site, in-person provider orientation to obtain information about IHSS rules and requirements for being a provider. To attend an orientation session please click on the link below to see schedule:
    • Provider Orientation Sessions are available at several locations throughout Los Angeles County. Prospective providers can call their local IHSS office at the phone number listed below to be scheduled for the next available orientation session. Although walk-ins are welcomed, you are encouraged to make an appointment to ensure entry to the orientation session.


      (888) 822-9622


      (888) 822-9622


      (888) 822-9622


      (866) 512-2857

      El Monte

      (888) 322-2204


      (866) 465-0905


      (866) 512-2856

      Rancho Dominguez

      (888) 896-0044

  2. Complete and sign the SOC 426 - IHSS Provider Enrollment Form.  The form must be submitted to the county in person.
  3. Submit original documentation verifying the prospective provider's identity (e.g. current/unexpired government issued photo identification and social security card) must be provided to the county for photocopying.
  4. Complete and sign the SOC 846 - Provider Enrollment Agreement at the Provider Orientation Session. The SOC 846 states that the prospective provider understands and agrees to the rules of the IHSS program and the responsibilities of being an IHSS provider; and
  5. Submit your fingerprints in an Approved Los Angeles County Live Scan Location and undergo a Criminal Background Investigation (CBI) from the Department of Justice. The provider is responsible for paying for this service.

Note: Prospective providers cannot be enrolled and receive payment as IHSS providers until ALL of the above requirements have been completed, including undergoing a CBI.

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