Pickle Amendment Programs

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Pickle Amendment Programs

Special eligibility requirements for individuals who were terminated from SSI/SSP after April 1977 due to a Social Security Administration (SSA) cost of living increase.

What services are offered?
Comprehensive preventive care services, primary and specialty care, medical office visits, vision and dental care, mental health services, hospitalization and prescription medicines.

Who can be covered?
Persons currently receiving SSA RSDI benefits who meet all of the following criteria:

  • were eligible for and received both RSDI and SSI/SSP benefits after April 1977, and were subsequently terminated from SSI/SSP;
  • were terminated from SSI/SSP for any reason;
  • received an RSDI cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) subsequent to the SSI/SSP termination; and
  • would be eligible to SSI/SSP if the RSDI cost-of-living adjustments were disregarded.

Is there an income limit?
Yes. Must meet SSI/SSP income limits if RSDI cost-of-living adjustments were disregarded.  See SSI/SSP Income Limits chart for further details.

SSI/SSP Income Limits
01/19 (Updated Annually)
Aged or disabled Blind Disabled minor
$931.72 $988.23 $836.15
Both are aged or disabled Both are blind One is blind, other is aged or disabled
$1,564.14 $1,751 $1,666


Is there a property limit?
SSI property regulations and limits apply. For an individual, the limit is $2,000.  For two persons, the limit is $3,000.

Property Limit






Can an individual receive services if he/she has other health insurance?

How much does it cost?
No cost.

Is citizenship or legal residency required?

How do I file an application?

Save time and Apply Online!  Applications may be made by accessing the Your Benefits Now website at https://dpssbenefits.lacounty.gov/ybn/Index.html .  Your Benefits Now! is a website for Los Angeles County residents to apply for and to view their benefits online. Click any of the navigation links in the center panel on the YBN page to get started.


  • PLEASE NOTE:  Long Term Care Medi-Cal Applicants must select “Yes” to the question “Does anyone live in any of the following:  Hospital, Long-Term Care, or Board and Care Facility.”  Applicant must identify the Person’s Name who resides in the facility, Name and Location of Institution, and Expected Date of Release.


Apply By Mail.  Click on a language to download an application.  Applications can be mailed to the Medi-Cal Long Term Care District 80 Office, 17171 East Gale Avenue, City of Industry CA 91745.

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For In-Person applications, for convenience you may apply at any local Department of Public Social Services Medi-Cal office.  View the map for a Medi-Cal Office near you.  Long Term Care Medi-Cal Applications can be forwarded to District 80 for processing.