Medi-Cal for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

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Medi-Cal for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

This program provides free or low-cost health care coverage elderly or disabled persons who do not live in an acute or skilled facility.  Individuals may apply for the program at their local Public Social Services (DPSS) Office or at many clinics, schools and service agencies in their community.

What services are offered?
Comprehensive preventive care services, primary and specialty care; medical office visits, vision and dental care, mental health services, hospitalization and prescription medicines.

Who can be covered?
Persons age 65 or older, legally blind or disabled by Social Security standards.

Can an individual receive services if he/she has other health insurance? 

Is there an income limit?
Free Medi-Cal is based on the family size and monthly income after allowances for health insurance and working expenses.  See the Monthly Income chart for details.

Monthly Income
Family Size Maintenance Need Levels Aged and Disabled 100% of FPL
1 $600 $1,012
2 Adults $934 $1,372
Persons with income above these limits have to pay a share-of-cost for medical expenses.


How much does it cost?
The person's share-of-cost depends on the amount of monthly income over the income limits shown above.

Is there a property limit?
Yes, depending on the family size. See the Property Limits chart for details.

Property Limits
Family Size Limit
1 $2,000
2 $3,000


Is citizenship or legal residency required?
Yes, for full coverage.  If not, the person is eligible only for emergency services.

How to file an application?
Apply at a local Department of Public Social Services Medi-Cal office.  View the map for a Medi-Cal Office near you.