Pregnant-Only Medi-Cal Services

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Pregnant-Only Medi-Cal Services

If you are pregnant, the Medi-Cal Program provides free or low-cost pregnancy-related health care coverage for low-income women. You may receive these services from a Medi-Cal doctor of your choice. You may apply at the local Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) Office or at many clinics, schools and service agencies in your community.  For Presumptive Eligibility, ask your doctor about pregnancy services that start right away. You maybe entitled to 60 days of coverage until you are approved.

What services are offered?
Pregnancy and postpartum related services.

Who can be covered?
Pregnant women.

Is there an income limit?
Yes.  The monthly income must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).  See the Monthly Income chart for further details.  Click here to access the complete FPL Chart.  

Monthly Income

Family Size

200% Income Limit

















To be eligible for the program, the family's monthly income after child care and working expenses must be at or below the income limit specified for the family size. For example, for a family size of two, the family's monthly income must be at or below the income limit of $2,707.

Is there a property limit?

Can an individual receive services if he/she has other health insurance?

Is citizenship or legal residency required?

How to file an application?
Call the toll-free number at 1(866)613-3777 for a mail-in application.  Applications are also available at many neighborhood clinics and hospitals.