Participant: An Individual who is eligible for GR and is receiving a monthly GR cash grant.
Participant: An Individual who is eligible for GR and is receiving a monthly GR cash grant.
Employment-Related Program Requirements: As a requirement for GR eligibility, all GR employable applicants are mandated to comply with GR and GROW employment requirements.
"3-month Grace Period": Is the period of time in which a GR participant cannot be sanctioned or have their benefits terminated unless he/she has received three months of GR benefits in a 12 month period
12-month period:  Is a period of 365 days.
Noncompliance: Is a failure to comply with employment-related requirements without Good Cause.
Sanction: Is a period of time participants must wait after their GR benefits are stopped before they can apply again.
Good Cause: Occurs when the participant is unable to comply with a requirement due to a reason beyond the person's control, a mistake (action or inaction) on the part of any member of DPSS, an action of an outside person or entity which renders the participant unable to comply, or is due to personal circumstances such as illness.
Willful Noncompliance: Requires a deliberate, intentional refusal to comply. Willfulness cannot typically be implied from an action or failure to act; the person must clearly indicate intent not to do the action that was required. An example would be, "I did not feel like doing the activity."
Negligent Noncompliance: Occurs when a participant does not exercise adequate judgment or fails to take steps that a similarly-situated reasonable person would take in order to comply with GR program requirements. An example would be "I woke up late and missed my bus."
Progressive Sanction: Means every time participants get a sanction, the waiting time to apply again will increase.
Extended-Suspend Period: Is a period through the third Thursday of the month following termination, to comply with all noncompliance issues.
Rolling Clock (Calculating the "3-month Grace Period"): Begins on the date of the first act of noncompliance, LEADER will look back 12 months to see if the participant has received three months of aid.
Noncompliance Review: A process that allows participants to resolve a noncompliance prior to or after a hearing.
GR and GROW Hearings: GR and GROW participants have the right to: dispute the termination; review their records; have a hearing before an impartial Hearing Officer who has authority to reverse the decision if it is incorrect; provide Good Cause for the failure to comply with program requirements and receive written notification on the result of the hearing.


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