4 - Day Grace Period

When a participant fails to comply with a GR employment-related or GROW requirement, the Department will not immediately send a Notice of Action (NOA) advising of the noncompliance. Instead, the Department will provide participants with a four-day grace period after the participant fails to comply with a GR employment/GROW requirement before starting the noncompliance procedures.

During this time, the Department will notify GR participants within two business days after any failure to comply with any GR Employment/GROW Program requirement by outbound phone call and email. The participant has until the 4th day of the four-day grace period to contact his/her EW/GCM worker to prevent any negative action from taking place on the GR case.

DPSS will take negative action and send a NOA after the four-day grace period has expired if the participant has not resolved all noncompliances.

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