GR and GROW Hearings

GR and GROW participants have the right to: dispute the termination; review their records; have a hearing before an impartial Hearing Officer who has authority to reverse the decision if it is incorrect; provide Good Cause for the failure to comply with program requirements; and receive written notification on the result of the hearing.

The hearing must be conducted by a Hearing Officer at the level of an Eligibility Supervisor (ES) or above for a GR eligibility hearing or a GAIN Services Supervisor (GSS) or above for a GROW hearing.

The Hearing Officer will be a supervisor that was not the supervisor of the EW/GCM involved in the original decision.

Only Hearing Officers can determine Good Cause. If Good Cause is not determined, only Hearing Officers can determine if the noncompliance is Willful or Negligent.

For more details on GR and GROW Hearings, refer to General Relief and GROW Noncompliance Review and Hearing Process.

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