Noncompliance/Sanction Policy Changes

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Noncompliance/Sanction Policy Changes

Effective March 1, 2014, the new GR noncompliance and sanction policy changes are as follows:


GR applicants will not be sanctioned for not complying with employment-related requirements; however they will be denied GR benefits for not complying with employment and program-related requirements.

As a requirement for GR eligibility, all GR employable applicants are mandated to comply with GR and GROW employment requirements, which are: Job Search verification, Employment Development Department (EDD) Registration, GROW Orientation and Evaluation. Failure to comply with any of these requirements during the application process will result in denial of the GR application; however, there will be no sanction (period of ineligibility) imposed. The GR applicant may reapply immediately.

  1. Intake

GR participants will not be terminated or sanctioned for noncompliance with employment-related program requirements during their first three months of receiving GR benefits in a 12-month period.

  1. The “3-Month Grace period”
  2. Rolling Clock (Calculating the “3-Month Grace Period”)

GR noncompliance not given Good Cause must be classified as either Willful or Negligent. A GR participant may be terminated and sanctioned for a single instance of Willful failure or three instances of Negligent failure.

  1. Willful Failure
  2. Negligent Failure
  3. Good Cause
  4. Progressive Sanction Policy
  5. Applying Sanctions
  6. 4-Day Grace Period
  7. Noncompliance Review
  8. GR and GROW Hearings
  9. Extended Suspense Period
  10. First Missed Hearing Appointment





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