General Relief Opportunities for WORK (GROW)

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General Relief Opportunities for WORK (GROW)


GROW program was implemented in February 1999, as approved by the Board of Supervisors under Section 17000.6 of theImage of Working people Welfare and Institutions Code. On August 21, 1998, a law change extended the time limit on eligibility for General Relief (GR) to nine months in any 12-month period and made participation in a welfare-to-work program mandatory for employable GR participants.

GROW Program Overview

The goal of GROW is to transition GROW participants into the labor market. Participation is mandatory for all employable GR participants. Unemployable participants may volunteer to participate. The first GROW activity consists of a brief Orientation during which participants learn basic information regarding GROW, its activities and requirements. Orientation is provided by GROW contracted providers and is accompanied by a short video introducing the GROW Program.

GROW Enrollment

Individuals are given information regarding the GROW program when they apply for GR. On the same day, and at the district office, applicants without documented physical or mental disabilities have a interview with an Eligibility Worker who briefly explains the program and gathers information concerning the applicant's job skills, educational background, work history, etc. The applicant is then scheduled for an Orientation appointment. Participation is mandatory for employable participants as a condition of receiving GR. Time limits begin on the date of the Orientation appointment.

Participants designated unemployable due to physical or mental disabilities, as well as age (60 or older) are not required to participate in GROW. They may request voluntary enrollment and volunteers are not subject to time limits and may quit at any time, without financial penalties.

A. Orientation
B. Case Manager Appointments
Education Services
C. Education/Training
D. Vocational Assessment
E. Literacy
F. General Equivalency Diploma (GED)
G. Self-Initiated Program (SIP)
Youth Services
H. Pathways to Success
I. Youth
J. Job Readiness Training for Youth
Training Services
K. Computer Application Class
L. Office Occupations
M. Day Reporting Center
N. Work-Related Expenses
Employment Development
O. Career Opportunities Resources and Employment
P. Job Readiness Training
Q. One-Stop/Worksource
R. Interactive Case Management
S. Job Development
T. Post-Employment Services
Supportive Services
U. Domestic Violence, Mental Health, & Substance Abuse Services
V. Expungement


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