Self-Initiated Program (SIP)

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Self-Initiated Program (SIP)

An allowable SIP is an education/training program in which the participant was enrolled prior to the orientation/appraisal appointment. An allowable SIP is an undergraduate degree, post-baccalaureate degree for a California teaching credential, or certificate program that leads to employment. A SIP must be approved for it to qualify as a GROW activity.

A SIP can be approved when:

  • The participant does not already have a bachelor's degree (except for a post-baccalaureate degree as described above);
  • The participant may currently hold certificate, or vocational license, and/or have employable skills, and;The participant is attending the SIP at least 20 hours a week; and
  • The SIP can be completed within the participant's remaining time on aid; and
  • The SIP is likely to lead to employment in a growth occupation.

EXCEPTION: A participant, who is in an undergraduate degree or certificate program that is not approved under the growth occupation requirement, may be allowed to continue and complete the current educational semester or quarter. At the completion of the semester or quarter, the participant can be assigned to either Job Skills Preparation Class or a new SIP if the new program meets all the SIP requirements and can be completed within the participant's remaining time on aid.

The following are examples of SIPs which cannot be approved:

  • GED, High School Diploma, Adult Basic Education (ABE), or English as a Second Language (ESL) programs.
  • Programs that will not be completed within the participant's remaining time on aid.
  • Programs leading to a post baccalaureate degree (except as noted above).

Please ask your GROW Case Manager for more information.

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