What is Quality Child Care?

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What is Quality Child Care?

What is Quality Child Care?              

The quality of child care varies and price is not always an indicator of quality.  This site will guide you on what things you should look for, and what questions you should ask when searching for a child care provider for your child.


  • Is the provider's license posted and available? 
  • Does the environment appear clean and safe for children?
  • Is the interaction between child and caregiver one of mutual respect and enjoyable for all?
  • Does the caregiver get down to the children's eye level when talking?
  • Does the caregiver sit with the children, rather than away from them?
  • Is there sufficient equipment for all children to play with?
  • Is there sufficient staff for the number of children being cared for?
  • Are children kept busy with fun and developmentally appropriate activities?
  • Are there smoke alarms and an emergency disaster plan posted?
  • Do the children sound happy and involved? 
  • Is the sound level appropriate?  Is it either too quiet or too chaotic? 
  • Does the caregiver listen closely to each child and use positive language when speaking with the children?

Approach With Caution if:

  • Parents are limited to visiting hours and are not encouraged to drop in unannounced.
  • Caregivers are unwilling or unable to tell you about your child's day. 
  • The caregivers do not act as if they enjoy their work. 
  • Health and safety concerns are not attended to, for example, hands are not washed after diapering and before meal times. 
  • License is expired or no license is posted. 
  • References from current consumers are not available. 


  • Do they have a license if none is posted?
  • What training and experience does the caregiver have?
  • Does the training include first aid and CPR? 
  • What are their medical emergency procedures with the children?  How are prescribed medicines handled for the children?
  • How does the caregiver deal with behavior problems? 
  • Will they provide you with a list of parents that you can contact for references? 
  • Are you welcome to drop in unannounced? 
  • On what days is the site closed, such as holidays? 
  • Does the caregiver offer alternative care for times when the program is closed? 
  • Do children go on field trips? If so, who drives and what vehicles are used?
  • How much time, if any, do children spend watching television or videos? 
  • What happens in case of a medical emergency with your child? 
  • Do they accept ill children? 
  • Do they accept children with special needs?

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