Time Limits Workshops

The Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) is conducting time limit workshops for adults who will be impacted by 48-month life time limits.

The workshops provide important information about services and programs for adults reaching time limits.

Any adult who will be impacted by time limits is encouraged to attend a time limit workshop.

What are time limits?
Beginning July 1, 2011, most adults can only receive 48 months of cash aid in a lifetime from the CalWORKs program. Each month you receive cash aid, the time limit clock counts against the 48 month time clock. The 48-month time limit doesn't apply to children, Medi-Cal Benefits, Food Stamps Benefits and aid received before 1/1/1998.

Are you affected by time limits?
How do you know if you will be impacted by time limits? DPSS sends monthly notices to adults as they near or reach the 42nd, 46th, or 48th Time Limit clock.

If you have received a notice informing you that you have reached your 42nd, 46th, or 48th month of cash aid, you are encouraged to call your GAIN Services Worker to schedule an appointment for Time Limit review or to attend a time limit workshop.

If you are not in GAIN and believe you may be affected by time limits, you can call toll free: 1(877) 292-GAIN or 1(877) 292-4246.

What is a time limit workshop?
0The GAIN program is holding workshops to help participants learn more about time limits and services for timed out adults or adults that are nearing their 48-month time limit. By attending a time limit workshop you will:

  • Learn more about time limits and how they may impact your family.
  • Find out about the following GAIN services:
    1. Supportive Services of child care, transportation and school/work-related expenses
    2. Short-term Vocational programs
    3. Specialized Supportive Services of domestic violence, mental health and substance abuse
    4. Post-Employment Services
    5. Job Development/Employment services
  • Learn about current job openings & job fairs.
  • Work with a GAIN Job Developer to prepare a resume and receive job search assistance.
  • Get screened for a Learning Disability.
  • Request a Time Limit exemption review and find out about other time limit "exceptions" and "time extenders."

Does the time limit clock ever stop? Are there any exceptions from time limits?
During the 48-month time limit clock, there are months that do not count against the time limit clock. If you answer "yes" to any of the following you may be entitled to a time limit exception for a month or more:

  • You were disabled for at least 30 days.
  • You were taking care of a child that was dependent of the court or at risk of going into foster care.
  • You received no cash aid.
  • You were a victim of domestic violence.
  • You were sanctioned and you did not get cash aid.
  • You turned 60 years or older.

Where do I return the Time Limit Exemption Request?
Please return the Time Limit Exemption Request form to your GAIN Services Worker. If you are not sure or are not in GAIN, send the form to:

DPSS Central Helpline
12820 Crossroads Parkway South
City of Industry, CA 91746-3411

What about the Cal-Learn Clock Stopper?
There is no Cal-Learn clock stopper as Cal-Learn participants are not affected by the 48-month time limits.

What happens when I reach my 48-month time limit?
Adults who reach their 48-month life time limits will no longer be eligible for cash aid. Timed out adults will continue to receive CalFresh and Medi-Cal.

When you have been aided for 48 months, cash aid may continue for you after the 48 months, if you and all parents, aided stepparents, and/or caretaker relatives in the home are in one of the following situations:

  • Caring for an ill or incapacitated person living in your home.
  • 60 years or older.
  • Caring for a dependent child of the court, or a child at risk of placement in foster care, which stops you from working or participating in welfare-to-work activities.
  • The county determines you are unable to maintain employment and you have history of cooperation with welfare-to-work rules.
  • Unaided for any reason other than reaching the 48-month time limit.
  • Disabled and receiving certain types of disability benefits.
  • History of domestic violence.

Are There Any Special Services For Timed Out Adults?
Yes. Timed out adults may be eligible for special services. These services include the following:

Employment Services:


  1. Transitional Subsidized Employment
  2. Job Search and Placement
  3. Paid Work Experience


Housing Services:

  1. Homeless Assistance
  2. Moving Assistance
  3. Temporary Homeless Assistance +14
  4. Emergency Money to Prevent Eviction
  5. Rental Subsidy Assistance
  6. Housing Relocation


Other Services:

  1. Tools, uniforms, books and supplies
  2. Child Care
  3. Transportation for bus fare or mileage
  4. Taxis for domestic violence victims


You can obtain more information about these services by attending a time limits workshop.

How do I know if there is a time limit workshop near me?
Time Limit Workshops are being held at GAIN offices throughout the county. Please revisit our web site for updated information. To attend a workshop, contact your GAIN Services Worker, or call toll free 1(877) 292-GAIN or 1(877) 292-4246 or click on the DPSS Calendar link below to view the next Time Limit Workshop time and location.


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