CalLearn Program

"To enrich lives of pregnant teens, teen parents and their children by promoting personal growth and self-sufficiency."

Program Overview
Cal-Learn is a mandatory program for pregnant and parenting teens receiving CalWORKs, under 19 years of age, and have not completed their high school education. The program requires participants to enroll in a High School or equivalent program with the goal to obtain a High School Diploma or its equivalent.

Participants who turn 19 years of age while in the Cal-Learn Program may volunteer to remain in the program until they receive their High School Diploma or equivalent, or turn age 20.

Cal-Learn participants receive intensive case management services from specialized staff contracted by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services. These Contractors are known as Adolescent Family Life Program (AFLP) providers. Each pregnant/parenting teen is assigned to an AFLP case manager who will assist by identifying any barriers and developing a plan with the teen to overcome these barriers to help them stay in or return to school in order to graduate.

Cal-Learn Financial Incentives
The Cal-Learn Program provides financial incentives to participants to encourage participation in the program. Pregnant/Parenting teens may be eligible to the following financial incentives:

  • Money for transportation, ancillary, and child care (child care paid directly to the provider).
  • Up to four $100 bonus payments for meeting satisfactory progress requirements (2.0 and above Grade Point Average [GPA]) each school year).
  • A $500 one-time bonus for receiving a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • A financial penalty of $50 may be imposed on the CalWORKs household if the teen's GPA is 0 to .99.
  • A financial penalty of $100 (taken in two equal installments over a two month period) may be imposed on the CalWORKs household if the teen fails to provide school progress verification, i.e.;         Report Card without good cause.

Case Management Services
Each pregnant/parenting teen receives the following case management services by the AFLPs:

  • Specialized case management.
  • Enhanced parenting skills.
  • Pre and postnatal care (instructions on proper nutrition, immunizations, etc.)
  • Foster an ongoing relationship between the teen parent, the non-custodial parent and the child, as appropriate.
  • Assessment to determine if the teen's living arrangements are suitable.
  • Referrals to programs and services such as but not limited to: Woman, Infant and Children (WIC), CalFresh, Medi-cal, and Family Planning.

Cal-Learn Exemptions
To be exempt from participating in the Cal-Learn Program, a participant must be:

  • Seriously ill, injured or disabled,
  • In need of child care or transportation which is not available,
  • In foster care, or
  • Expelled from school and no alternative educational arrangement can be made.

Teen parents who are exempt from participating in the Cal-Learn Program are not exempt from attending school. The California Education Code (CEC), Section 48200 provides that each person between the ages of 6 and 18 years, not exempted under Chapters 2 or 3 of the CEC, is subject to mandatory full-time education. Pregnant/parenting teens must consult with their local school district to determine if they meet an exemption under Chapters 2 or 3 of the CEC.

Cal-Learn Deferrals
Teen parents with a short-term problem can be temporarily deferred from participating if they:

  • Need supportive services which are temporarily not available,
  • Cannot be provided with the required case management services,
  • Have a special need that directly affects their ability to attend school and the special need cannot be addressed, or
  • Are in a period of postpartum recovery prescribed by a doctor. (There is no postpartum deferral without a doctor's note.)Image of Graduates with Kids


                         AFLPs Contact Information:
AltaMed (323) 307-0160
Project NATEEN (323) 361-5982
El Nido Family Centers (818) 830-3646
Foothill Family Services (626) 993-3000





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