Annual Reporting - Child Only

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Annual Reporting - Child Only

What is Annual Reporting?

Effective 10/01/2012, some Child Only cases are subject to Annual Reporting rules and only have to report once per year by complying with the yearly CalWORKs Redetermination/CalFresh Recertification.  Refer to the Mandatory Mid-Period Responsibilities section below for the required reporting requirements.  Annual Reporting/Child Only (AR/CO) cases:

  • Do not have an AIDED ADULT in the Assistance Unit (AU); 
  • Only have children aided on the case;
  • Have a 12-month payment period rather than six months as under Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR); and
  • Do not need to complete a SAR 7 for the CalWORKs AR/CO segment, but may have to submit a SAR 7 for CalFresh.

AR/CO cases are CalWORKs cases in which ALL the adults/caretakers are not being aided on the CalWORKs case because the adult(s) is/are:

  • Timed out;         
  • Fleeing felons in violation of probation or parole;
  • Social Security Income (SSI) recipient/s;
  • Non-needy relatives;
  • Ineligible to CalWORKs due to immigration status (an undocumented non-citizen, sponsored noncitizen who refuses to cooperate, etc.);
  • Strikers;
  • Sanctioned due to refusal to assign child/spousal support rights;
  • Intentional Program Violators (IPV) prior to July 1998;  or
  • Excluded from the AU for not meeting the Social Security Number (SSN) requirements.

Mandatory Mid-Period Responsibilities

AR/CO cases report annually by complying with the yearly CalWORKs Redetermination; however, they must report the following changes within 10 days from the date the change occurred:

  • Income exceeds the Income Reporting Threshold (IRT).  For more information on IRT, please see the Semi-Annual Reporting (SAR) page;
  • Address Changes;
  • Fleeing Felon Status;
  • Probation or Parole Violations; and
  • Changes in Household Composition. *

* A household composition change is when a member of the AU moves into or out of the home.  This does not apply when an existing family member changes eligibility status such as a family member becomes a legal resident, U.S. citizen, etc.



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