Nutrition Education

The CalFresh Nutrition Program cares and encourages all families to eat a healthy diet and be physically active.  Improving what you eat and being active will help to reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, and obesity.  Taking the steps to learn about how you can improve your health and the health of your family may help you to become a champion for your family's health.

Start by choosing one or more tips to help you...

  • Build a healthy plate
  • Cut back on foods high in solid fats, added sugars, and salt
  • Eat the right amount of calories for you
  • Be physically active your way

The links below will help you follow the important guidelines to improved health.
For more information, go to:

American Heart Association      

Champions for Change

Core Nutrition Messages from the USDA Food and Nutrition Service


To Apply for WIC, click HERE  

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