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The name for California's Food Stamp Program has changed as a result of recent State law. The new name for the program is "CalFresh". The name change will not change your benefits. The amount of CalFresh (formerly known as food stamp) benefits you receive will not be different because of the name change.

CalFresh was established to improve the nutrition of people in low-income households.  It does that by increasing their food-buying power, so they are able to purchase the amount of food their household needs.  CalFresh benefits are used instead of money at the grocery store.

CalFresh benefits are issued via a Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card.


To apply for CalFresh benefits on-line click here

You can also mail in a CalFresh Application to your local CalFresh Offices   

To download an application, please click one of the preferred languages below:

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Attention All EBT Users: EBT Scam Alert

Beware! There is an EBT scam to steal your benefits! If you’ve received a text or phone call asking for your personal information, contact your county right away. Your county and the state will never text or call you requesting your personal information such as your EBT card number and your personal identification number (PIN).

Never give your EBT Card number and PIN to anyone. With this information, someone could steal your benefits. Always keep your PIN and EBT Card number safe and secret.

ALERT!!! Social Media, Telephone and Cell Phone Text Scam!


Clients report receiving text messages and/or phone calls from an unknown number instructing them to call (323) 236-4589 where an automated recording asks them to provide personal information including their EBT 16-digit card number and PIN. When the information is given, the perpetrators then create a card and withdraw funds from the recipient’s accounts.

DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER: (323) 236-4589

Telephone Number Client Received Text or Call From

Telephone Number Client Instructed to Call

Additional Information Related to the Incident


(323) 236-4589

Threatens to hold deposits


There’s an EBT SCAM where telephone number (619) 395-0890 is identifying itself as the California EBT customer service helpline. This phone number is not affiliated with the State of California, and it is fraudulently obtaining EBT information from cardholders

Attention All EBT Users: EBT System

The EBT System will not be available for cash withdrawals or cash and food purchases from 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 23, 2018 through 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 24, 2018.  It is important that you withdraw the needed money and/or buy your food before June 23, 2018 as your funds will not be available until Sunday June 24, 2018 after 11:00 p.m.   For more information about this message please contact our Customer Service Center at  (626) 569-1399, (310) 258-7400, (818) 701-8200 or (866) 613-3777.




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