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The name for California's Food Stamp Program has changed as a result of recent State law. The new name for the program is "CalFresh". The name change will not change your benefits. The amount of CalFresh (formerly known as food stamp) benefits you receive will not be different because of the name change.

CalFresh was established to improve the nutrition of people in low-income households.  It does that by increasing their food-buying power, so they are able to purchase the amount of food their household needs.  CalFresh benefits are used instead of money at the grocery store.

CalFresh benefits are issued via a Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card.


CalFresh Expansion for Supplemental Security Income/State Supplemental Payment (SSI/SSP) Recipients

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ALERT!!! Social Media, Telephone and Cell Phone Text Scam!

EBT cardholders continue to receive text messages and/or phone calls from number(s) listed in column 2 below instructing them to call the numbers listed in column 3 below where an automated recording asks them to provide personal information including their EBT 16-digit card number and PIN. When the information is given, the perpetrators then create a card and withdraw funds from the recipient’s accounts. This is a scam. Cardholders should not provide any information. Cardholders who have already provided card numbers and PINs to a third party should call the phone on back of their EBT card and change their PINs or to report their EBT cards as lost or stolen.



Reporting Entity

Email or Phone Number Client Received message or call from

Telephone Number Client Instructed to Call

Message Received and Additional Information Related to the Incident

Sacramento County

Email and text

No phone numbers reported

No phone number reported

County Reports:  One CalFresh recipient received an email and another received a text notification reminding them of a CalFresh Appointment on 08/09/2019 at 9:15AM. One client has not been receiving CalFresh since 12/2018, and the other was approved for CalFresh recently on 05/2019. Neither shows printed correspondence indicating a CalFresh appointment, and neither are marked to receive text or email notifications. The text reads “Sac County Alert (336) CalFresh Telephone Appointment Reminder on 08/09/2019 at 9:15AM” Both customers claim that no one else should be using their email or phone number. Reminded the customer not to give out personal information and to report any further suspicious activity.

LA County

Text: 978 230-0875


Text message from 978-230-0875.  Text message said, "Food Stamps Available!  We just need to confirm your last 4 digits of your EBT card."  Client sent her last 4 of EBT card and did not receive a text message afterwards.

LA County

Message: 626-590-9019


EBT client stated that a message was left for her asking to call back 626-590-9019 in the next 48 hours since her case needs her attention urgently. Client stated that she called the number, there was no answer. Client has not released any personal information to anyone through this number.

San Bernardino EBT 2259

909 699-3067


No other information.


Sacramento County EBT 2259 Report



510-484-1062 texted and said call this # 916-249-0270.

Stanislaus County

Live Caller


One of our Customers, in Stanislaus County, called this morning 06/13/2019 to report a suspicious call she received this morning. The number on the caller ID came through as “unavailable”. The call was left on her phone at 8:00AM on 6/13/19. A message was left for her husband (by name) stating that they were trying to locate the customer (by name).  A male claiming to be Monica Black called claiming to be with Stanislaus County. Customer stated it almost sounded like it was a 3rd party trying to collect for Stanislaus County. Message said there was a file being claimed against her and once it was filed there was no stopping it and there would be no negotiations. They asked her to call (855)209-1873.

Los Angeles County

Call from: 323 914 5703


Client reported  she  received a call from 323 914 5703,  caller  asked   for  Client’s  home address and said she has  been investigated for  welfare Froud . Pt provided her Mom’s  address where pt is currently  staying.  Pt called back the # , call dropped immediately.  (Actual info/no spell check.)

San Bernardino EBT 2259

Text 562-576-2845


Offer up free phone scam

Riverside County

In person

909 747-2068

Blue tent selling phones, Obama care people (909 747 2068) said in order to get me a free phone I needed to provide them with a picture of my ID & EBT card.  This happened Monday, March 25, 2019.  Rialto, CA

Los Angeles County -in person phone scam – subjects identifying themselves as county workers & knocking on doors

Kevin 760-405-6095

Talin 818-300-5985

Client reported  that two people identified as Kevin and Talin went to her house and introduced themselves as County representatives. They both had batches  on and  asked pt for their cin# numbers in order to provide them with  free phones. PT and her husband provided cin numbers and received free but used phones. PT is specious of scam activity because both phone numbers ( Kevin’s phone number is 760/405/6097,Talin’s phone number is 818/300/5985),that were provided to them are personal phone numbers and are turned off. Pls review and take an appropriate action. 

Sacramento County EBT 2259 Report

Text from 916 251-2378


No other information

Tulare County EBT 2259

TEXT 1-510-484-1062


Instructed to call 1-559-205-7801

Sacramento County EBT 2259 Report

TEXT 916 846-9188


No other information

Fresno County EBT 2259

TEXT 559-206-0479


No other information

Orange County EBT 2259

TEXT 559 287-1427


According to the police report, the scam text notified the victim that her account was locked and requested that she enter information including her name, SSN, EBT card info and EBT PIN.  The scam text message contained a link that appeared to be a legitimate EBT website.

Fresno County EBT 2259

TEXT 559-346-6111


Instructed to visit


Text from: 916-407-6462


Next month's EBT will not be loaded.  Contact 1-916-458-4136

El Dorado County

Text from 916-213-4517


Client received a text on mother's phone.  Call back and it was automated asking him to enter his personal identification numbers.

Sacramento EBT 2259


Phone:  Called me than called back 916 249-2262


No other information

Fresno EBT 2259

TEXT from 510-219-4365


Client states, "I got a text asking for my ebt information like my card number, birthdate and PIN number I believed was from the Fresno County."

California Department of Social Services personal phone

Please reactivate your EBT card by contacting us at +19162381994


Phone call received from 916-213-4517


Orange County


Suspicious phone number; called number and they requested texting PII information

A client reported to an eligibility worker in Orange County  that he received a text from 661-218-2342 on 3/25/19, 3/26/19, and 3/29/19.  The text had a link to and it requested his personal information and his EBT card #. He uploaded all requested info to that link, except for the EBT card, because he hasn’t received it. He stated he became suspicious because he already submitted the same documents to SSA. He was reminded that OC SSA will not leave a message asking for her EBT card # or PIN and she should not share any EBT or other personal information with unknown third parties. Customer expressed understanding and had no other questions or concerns.






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