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Appeals and State Hearings (ASH)

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Welcome to the website for the DPSS Appeals and State Hearings (ASH) Section.  ASH is in the Bureau of Special Operations, Program Compliance Division and it is the largest State Hearing Section in the State of California.  

We are proud to offer a site with access to ASH related information that is easy to follow and that provides helpful information for County staff and the public we serve.

Basic Facts

ASH Mission

To carry out the Federal and State mandates, guaranteeing applicants and participants of public assistance the right to a fair and unbiased hearing.

Right to a State Hearing

A State Hearing is available to public assistance applicants and participants who are dissatisfied with a County action or inaction.   A request for a State Hearing must be filed within 90 days after the date of the action or inaction.   The California Department of Social Services (CDSS), State Hearing Division is responsible for scheduling the State Hearings, which they normally calendar within 30 days from the date they receive an acceptable hearing request.

How to Request a State Hearing

An applicant, participant or an Authorized Representative (AR) can request a State Hearing as follows:

  • By telephoning the CDSS State Hearing Division at
  • In writing to P.O. Box 18890, Los Angeles, CA 90018
  • Online at CDSS
County and State Responsibilities
ASH is responsible for reviewing the appropriateness of the County's action or inaction.   When a recipient or participant files for a State Hearing, they become known to ASH as a "claimant."

ASH staff must be knowledgeable of all aid programs and well-trained in oral and written communications to represent the County and protect the rights of the claimants effectively.  If the County did not follow required procedures, ASH resolves the issue with the claimant without the need to hold a hearing.   ASH also advises district offices of the administrative error or reevaluation needed and instructs them to take immediate corrective action.   If the County acted properly and met all procedural requirements, ASH prepares and presents the County's position to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in the State Hearing.   In Los Angeles County, State Hearings are held in downtown Los Angeles at 811 Wilshire Blvd., 11th Floor, 
Los Angeles, CA 90017.

CDSS' State Hearings Division, under the direction of a Chief ALJ, administers the hearing process, they conduct each hearing and they render a fair, unbiased and independent State Hearing decision.   The decision must be adopted within 90 days from the hearing request date.

Operational Structure

ASH is comprised of three major operations as follows:

  • Appeals Hearing Specialists and Supervising Appeals Hearing Specialists, responsible for handling all incoming appeal requests.
  • A Compliance Unit responsible for monitoring and controlling the County's compliance with the hearing decisions.
  • A Clerical Unit responsible of registering all new appeal requests and rehearings.   The Clerical Unit also works with the CDSS State Hearings Division to schedule the hearings and they maintain DPSS' Appeals and State Hearings Tracking System (ATS).
3833 S. Vermont Avenue - 4th Floor
Los Angeles 90037



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