#ChooseCalFresh PSA Released In Effort to Help Prevent Food Insecurity

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#ChooseCalFresh PSA Released In Effort to Help Prevent Food Insecurity

As part of an ongoing effort to prevent the rise of food insecurity in Los Angeles County, the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) has released an informative video public service announcement (PSA) highlighting the benefits of the CalFresh Program.

Food insecurity is often the result of insufficient access to affordable and nutritious food.  Low-income families and individuals are often faced with the tough decision to either pay their bills or purchase healthy food.

According to the findings of Food Insecurity in Los Angeles County, a published report on hunger by the L.A. County Department of Public Health, CalFresh is a significant resource in a “multi-sector approach” to improving food insecurity in the County.  CalFresh has proven to be a critical line of defense against malnutrition and hunger in the County. 

The #ChooseCalFresh PSA is aimed at removing the barriers that discourage low-income individuals and households from applying for the federally-funded supplemental nutrition program.  DPSS strongly encourages anyone who needs assistance purchasing food for themselves or their family to apply.

Please help to spread the word about CalFresh benefits by sharing this video and increasing awareness about how L.A. County can #ChooseCalFresh.