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Homeless Initiative

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Voices in the Fight for Homeless

DPSS Addresses Homelessness Crisis

One hundred and eighty DPSS employees and their families assisted the most vulnerable in our community by sorting clothing and distributing food donations, serving lunch and planting in the garden of the park on 6th Street, adjacent to Weingart Center which is frequented by the homeless on Skid Row. DPSS partnered with Union Rescue Mission, Weingart Center and Los Angeles Mission in an effort to reach out and help.

The message of helping the homeless continues to spread across the county, bringing much-needed attention to an ever-increasing crisis that needs to be  addressed  as  a  community. In L.A. County, there are nearly 47,000 homeless people, including 6,000 parents and their children.

“The homelessness crisis endangers the health and safety of tens of thousands of residents, including veterans, women, children, LGBT youth, persons with disabilities and seniors,” said Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.

On June 14, the Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to act on a motion by Supervisors Ridley-Thomas and Sheila Kuehl, requesting that the State Assembly   and   Senate   urge   the Governor  to  declare  a  state  of emergency as a result of California’s homeless crisis.

The declaration also requests that state agencies and personnel immediately deploy to help provide housing assistance to homeless camp hotspots in L.A. County and other heavily affected areas. The Board is also asking state officials to identify and develop streams of ongoing funding for local communities to help sustain efforts to combat homelessness.

DPSS Director

DPSS Director Sheryl L. Spiller helped garden, sort clothing and food at the Help the Homeless Day event.

DPS Toy Loan Staff

Thanks to Toy Loan and Volunteer Services for their wonderful suggestion 
and contribution to helping the homeless

Homeless event volunteers

DPSS employees and their families helped sort food and clothing donations at Help the Homeless Day event.