Committees of the Commission

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Committees of the Commission

The Commission for Public Social Services has established the following committees:


Ad-Hoc Committee on Bylaws

The goal of the Committee, established in the April 14, 2011 Commission meeting, is to review the bylaws and recommend any needed revisions.

Committee Chair: Commissioner Booker Pearson


Ad-Hoc Committee on General Relief (GR)

The goal of the Committee is to review (1) the current status of the GR program; (2) the efforts now underway by DPSS to strengthen the program; and, (3) to develop recommendations to the Commission,  DPSS, and the Board of supervisors for future program development. The Committee meets monthly on the last Tuesday of the month (Commission Calendar).   

Committee Chair: Commissioner Orlando L. Ward


Committee on Performance Awards

The goal of the Committee on Performance Awards is to recognize meritorious individuals and organizations that have made a significant contribution to the provision of public social services to the citizens of the County of Los Angeles. The Committee recognizes such individuals and organizations at its Annual Commission Awards Ceremony and on other occasions, as appropriate. The Committee meets on an "as needed basis." 

Committee Chair: Commissioner Helen C. Najar