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Awards ImageProductivity and Quality Awards

The Quality and Productivity Commission recognizes County employees and departments for their achievements in improving service quality and productivity, generating savings, improving processes, and establishing beneficial collaborations. The program also underscores the County's commitment to operational effectiveness, fiscal sustainability and integrated service delivery.

Productivity and Quality Award Submission

All Productivity and Quality Award (PQA) submissions are solicited each year from DPSS. Upon request, PQA submissions must be submitted to the Director of Bureau Special Operations via a program application.  All PQA Program applications must include the following:

  • Name of the project to provide the reviewers with a clear idea of what the project is about. The project title must be limited to 50 characters or less, including spaces.
  • The project implementation/adoption date. The project must have been implemented at least one year.
  • The status of the project. Indicate if the project is an “ongoing” or a “one-time only” project.
  • An indication if the project was previously submitted. Check the appropriate “Yes” or “No” box. Submit a project once. Previously entered projects are not eligible.
  • An Executive Summary that describes the project in 15 lines or less. Summarize the challenge, solution and benefit(s) of the project in plain language.
  • A statement delineating the project’s linkage to the County Strategic Plan.
  • Calculation of cost avoidance, cost savings and/or revenue generated if cost benefits are claimed.
  • Signatures of the Department Head and Productivity Manager.

Employee Efficiencies Suggestion Awards

The Purpose of the Employee Efficiencies Suggestion Awards (EESA) program is to promote quality, efficiency, effectiveness and economy in County government. The intent is to encourage DPSS employees to submit suggestions to improve Departmental operations.

Employee Efficiencies Suggestion Awards Submission

Employee efficiency suggestions must be submitted electronically. 

Employee efficiencies suggestions must:

  • Save time, labor, space, material, or supplies;
  • Improve service to the public;
  • Improve methods or procedures resulting in productivity/efficiency;
  • Improve tools or equipment;
  • Eliminate unnecessary problems, records, forms;
  • Conserve energy resources; and/or
  • Make possible the reduction, elimination, or avoidance of the expenditure of public funds.


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