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Management and Research Services (MRS)

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Management and Research Services’ (MRS) mission is to enhance efficiency and effectiveness through research, process assessments, and studies whose results may benefit operational practices and influence policy decision making in the Department.

The mission of MRS is accomplished through the work performed by two units: Management Services (MS) and Research and Evaluation Operations (REO).


Management Services                                 
(Elizabeth Herrera, ASM II)

The MS Unit conducts process assessments and work measurement studies to:

  • Evaluate existing processes to provide recommendations on ways of improving efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Evaluate new or planned processes to determine appropriate staffing levels.

The MS Unit is also responsible for the deployment of departmental surveys and coordination of awards nominations. 


Research and Evaluation Operations                                   
(Henry Bermúdez, MSW, HSA II)

The Research and Evaluation Operations Unit (REO) oversees all research activities for DPSS.  This includes building the research agenda for the department and overseeing DPSS-funded projects.  REO also facilitates the department’s participation in federally-initiated and funded public assistance research projects in collaboration with partners across the nation.

REO also serves as the hub for the progress on the Department's Strategic Plan. 


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